Top 10 Indian telecom operators based on market share in May

Telecom Lead India: The number of telephone subscribers
in India increased to 960.90 million in May 2012 from 952.91 million in April
2012, growing at 0.84 percent.

The share of Urban subscribers has declined to 64.65
percent from 64.95 percent whereas share of Rural subscribers has increased to
35.35 percent in May 2012.

With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches to
79.28 at the end of May, 2012 from 78.71 of the previous month.

Subscription in Urban areas increased from 618.92 million
in April, 2012 to 621.21 million in May, 2012.

Subscription in Rural areas increased from 334.00 million
to 339.69 million during the same period.

The growth rate of Urban and Rural Subscription is -0.37
percent and 1.71 percent respectively. The overall Urban Teledensity has
increased from 168.83 to 169.17 and Rural Teledensity increased from 39.57 to

Total wireless subscriber base increased from 921.02
million in April 2012 to 929.37 million in May 2012, registering a growth of
0.91 percent. The share of Urban wireless subscribers has decreased from 64.54
 percent to 64.24 percent where as share of Rural wireless subscribers has
increased from 35.46 percent to 35.76 percent. The overall wireless Tele
density in India reaches 76.68.

Wireless subscription in Urban areas increased from
594.45 million in April 2012 to 596.98 million at the end of May 2012. The
wireless subscription in Rural Areas increased from 326.57 million to 332.38
million during the same period. This shows higher growth in Rural wireless
subscription (1.78 percent) than Urban wireless subscription (0.43 percent).
The Urban wireless Teledensity has increased from 162.15 to 162.57 and Rural
Teledensity has increased from 38.69 to 39.35.

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