Tower Cloud completes Verizon new small cell deployment project

Tower Cloud has completed a project to connect Verizon Wireless new small cell deployment in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park to the Verizon 4G LTE network over fiber.

Verizon has installed 22 small cell nodes covering the 22 acre park to boost its network capacity in the area during large scale public events at the Centennial Olympic Park.

The small cell nodes are capable of handling more than 5,500 simultaneous users. The deployment can support large crowds during the many special events such as concerts, charity walks and races, and large-scale festivals.

The signals from the nodes are aggregated and connected via fiber to the Tower Cloud fiber backhaul.

The small cell deployment can deliver 80 Mbit/sec of throughput at any given moment, and its dual-frequency design increases service reliability as well as capacity.


Verizon Wireless’s customers can now experience more reliable access services such as the web, social media, texting, uploading photos, and even streaming videos.

“We consistently win over our competitors for the reliability of our network, and we are committed to maintaining our network leader position. We knew we needed to boost capacity around Centennial Olympic Park so that consumers could utilize our network more effectively during large events,” said Lynn Carlson, executive director – Network for Verizon Wireless in Georgia and Alabama.

Infonetics Research predicts that the small cell market will reach $2.7 billion in sales by 2017, and Tower Cloud executives predict the market will grow five to 10 times within the next five years.

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