TRAI issues pre-consultation paper on allocation of 2G spectrum in 22 circles by auction

By Telecom Lead
The Telecom
Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released
a pre-consultation paper on  Allocation of Spectrum in 2G band
in 22 Service Areas by auction” for comments of the stakeholders.


The Supreme
Court of India in its Judgment dated 2nd February 2012 in the
writ petitions no 423/2010 and 10/2010, has directed TRAI to make fresh
recommendations for grant of licence and allocation of spectrum in 2G
band in 22 service areas by auction, as was done for allocation of spectrum in
3G band.


said that on the issue of grant of licences, TRAI in its recommendation on
Spectrum Management and Licensing Framework” dated 11th May
2010  had already recommended that all
future licences should be Unified Licences and that
spectrum be delinked from the licence.


Guidelines for Unified Licensing Regime” were also placed on TRAI website on
16th January 2012 for comments of the stakeholders.


the issue of Allocation of spectrum in 2G band in 22 Service Areas by
auction”, stakeholders have been requested to send their comments/suggestions
on the issues involved.


comments are invited from the stakeholders by 15th February, 


[email protected]