Turkcell engineers develop AI-powered personal assistant Yaani

Turkcell has launched its AI-powered personal assistant Yaani – developed by its engineers –at Turkcell Technology Summit.
Turkcell CEO Murat Erkan launches digital assistantTurkcell said its Digital Operator strategy has increased the interaction with its customers to more than 350 minutes, compared to the standard relationship of 32 minutes telecom operators have with customers. Yaani has 10 million users.

Turkcell has added the transformative power of AI to its search engine Yaani and introduced its upgraded version: Yaani Assistant, the personal assistant that understands Turkish – on top of its several digital services including BiP, fizy, TV+, lifebox.

“Turkcell’s digital transformation capability enables to take the lead in the area as Industry 4.0 becomes a reality now. Recognizing the immerse impacts of AI, today we announce our AI-powered personal assistant: Yaani,” said Murat Erkan, Turkcell CEO.

Turkcell demonstrated Turkcell’s breakthrough in combining AI and machine learning with a series of Yaani Assistant’s capabilities.

Yaani Assistant’s capabilities include the adaptation to user’s preferences, reporting real-time data of Turkcell’s digital services, ordering food online, making a doctor’s appointment, playing music and making coffee integrated with smart home appliances.

The company will launch Turkey’s national e-mail service Yaani Mail – developed by its engineers — for both corporate and individual customers.