tw telecom partners with SureHosting to offer business Ethernet connectivity

Telecom Lead America: Managed services provider tw telecom has partnered with SureHosting Internet Solutions to offer its customers Business Ethernet connectivity to the Equinix International Business Exchange data center in Sunnyvale, Calif.


tw Telecom

“With tw telecom’s reliable Layer 2 Business Ethernet connectivity across the nation, we have the best path routing available to ensure fast, secure and scalable bandwidth for our customers’ applications. Together, we can offer a ‘virtual patch cord’ that eliminates the need for expensive firewalls, delivering faster and more reliable connections directly to our data center equipment,” said Michael Hendricks, president and CEO of SureHosting Internet Services.


As part of the agreement, tw telecom will deliver a 1 Gbps connection that can immediately respond as SureHosting’s bandwidth demands increase. tw telecom’s fiber-based network penetrates deeply into key national metropolitan areas, while providing broad connectivity to data centers across the nation with up to 10 Gbps connectivity.


“We are excited to deliver world-class infrastructure to meet escalating bandwidth demands – nationally and locally – to customers of Equinix and SureHosting. Together, we form an ecosystem that enables broader, faster and more reliable access for all customers,” said Tim Bagnieski, vice president and general manager for tw telecom in Kansas City.


tw telecom’s fiber optic networks connect more than 16,300 buildings across the United States. tw telecom delivers services from 2 Meg to 10 Gig, within the metro or across the country, and managing the customer’s entire network doorstep to doorstep.


SureHosting Internet Solutions develops and hosts software applications for businesses across the country, and its San Jose data center hosts more than 1,200 websites.


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