U.S. Cellular unveils No Contract plans at $40 per month for unlimited data, voice and SMS

American telecom service provider U.S. Cellular has launched new No Contract plans for customers with unlimited data, voice and messaging starting at $40 per month.

U.S. Cellular today said it is offering 4G LTE and 3G Android and Apple devices. The telecoms said nearly 90 percent of U.S. Cellular customers are covered by a 4G LTE network.

In addition, U.S. Cellular customers can buy new device for $0 down on Simple Connect plans as well as Shared Connect plans and make monthly payments for the device on their wireless bill.

For $50 per month on a Simple Connect plan, smartphone customers get unlimited voice, messaging and 500MB data. Data is slowed after the 500MB are used but remains unlimited.

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For $60 per month, customers get unlimited voice, messaging and 2GB data. Customers looking for a basic phone can pay $40 per month for unlimited voice, messaging and data.

Simple Connect plan customers can choose to pay up front for their device and month to month services, or finance their device and receive a bill for financing and service.

With the Retail Installment Contract option, U.S. Cellular customers on Shared Connect or Simple Connect plans can pay tax on the device at the point of sale ($0 down payment), and then make 24 monthly device payments that are added to their wireless bill. Customers can pay off the full balance of their new device anytime they want.

For a limited time, U.S. Cellular is paying off customers’ old contracts, up to $350 per line, when they switch to a Shared Connect plan and choose the Retail Installment Contract. Anyone who ports their number from another carrier and sends their final bill with the early termination fee on it will receive a prepaid debit card for that amount.

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