US Cellular offers 50% discount on smartphones

US Cellular HELLO
U.S. Cellular has announced a 50 percent discount for smartphones and Unlimited Contract Buy-Out on new activation with Shared Connect plans.
Customers who switch to the operator or avail Device Protection + and trade in their devices (even with a cracked display), are eligible for a promotional card amounting to 50 percent of the value or $336, whichever is less, of their chosen device.
A 24 GB of bonus data is also available if a new smartphone line is added to the existing user account.
The operator also continues to give out an unlimited buy-out of current customer contracts after final submission of the bill from their carrier.
“We want our customers to have the best smartphone to meet their needs, enough data to use that device to the fullest, and a high-quality network to use their data whether they are in a large or small city or rural community. When you combine all of that, our customers have a great wireless experience at a better value than Verizon or AT&T,” conveyed Joe Settimi, vice president, Marketing at U.S. Cellular.
The company also airs other offers like LG G Pad F 8.0 for a penny, and a limited time offer of extra 1 GB bonus data per month for 12 months for a customer referring an acquaintance.
These moves are an effort to amp up its revenue and provide competition to major adversaries AT&T and Verizon claiming more than 70 percent of the wireless market and smaller players like Sprint and T-Mobile.
The offers gel with the ongoing referral program rewarding both the current customer and the referred friend with $50,  if a smartphone is activated by the latter on a Shared Connect plan.
While the requirements for 50 Percent Offer are Retail Installment Contract, Shared Connect Plan, $25 Act. Fee, Device Protection+ and Smartphone trade-in, those for the Promo Card (max of $336) will be issued via mail within 6–8 weeks and will be valid for purchase in-store or online.
The company posted poor first-quarter earnings and shares were low with profits of 10 cents per share, when analysts had projected 23 cents per share and first-quarter revenue of $958 million, below the $972.2 million expected by three analysts as per Zacks Investment Research.