VelaTel Global opens 5 GO MOVIL stores in Peru


VelaTel Global Communications, a holding company for
Wi-MAX and LTE (4G) network operators and wireless products and services,
announced that its subsidiary Perusat has launched five GO MOVIL branded stores
in the Peruvian cities of Chiclayo, Chimbote, Ica, Piura and Trujillo.


Combined, these cities populate over 2.5 million
residents. For the first time, VelaTel is bringing 4G-enabled wireless devices,
Internet telephony and other state-of-the-art wireless telecommunication
products and services to this area of the world.


“The opening of our first five storefronts is a
monumental milestone in bringing 4G-enabled wireless products and services to
many largely under-served markets in Peru,” said George Alvarez, CEO of


As previously announced, the GO MOVIL product line
includes the Infinity G touch screen tablet in 7″ or 10″ form, a USB
dongle, and a pocket Mi-Fi device that acts as a portable ‘hotspot’ to connect
smart phones and other existing mobile devices (PDAs, laptops, tablets) to the
GO MOVIL 4G network.


“Our newly opened stores can begin capturing
subscriber revenue from sales of our prepaid service plans as well as fill
orders for our various product lines. We plan to open a total of eight stores
in Peru by year’s end, which can create a solid foundation for future revenue
growth,” Alvarez added.


VelaTel Global Communications recently announced the
of VelaTel’s GO MOVIL wireless broadband access network in all eight cities
where it holds licenses. The network is being operated under the brand name GO MOVIL.


The GO MOVIL network provides the first 4G broadband
internet access in Peru to the approximately five million inhabitants of the
targeted cities.


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