Verizon and Trilliant offer public network smart metering


Verizon Wireless and Trilliant announced that Trilliant’s
CellReader, a cellular wireless Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution
for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Utility metering, has been certified as
compatible with the Verizon Wireless network.  


CellReader products operating on the Verizon Wireless
network complement Trilliant’s SecureMesh smart grid networks and UnitySuite
head-end software that are deployed with utilities worldwide.


Utilities are under pressure to implement
real-time-pricing and demand management programs to reduce electricity
consumption and technical losses, while providing the customer with greater
visibility and control over their electric bills.  


The CellReader “under-the-glass” communications
module combined with the reliability of the Verizon Wireless network gives
utilities an easy-to-deploy two-way AMI solution that allows scheduled and
on-demand access to all meter data.  


CellReader modules can easily be retrofitted into
existing meters, or fully integrated CellReader-equipped meters can be ordered
direct from the meter manufacturer.


Trilliant’s CellReader employs the ANSI C12.22 open
standard for data access and communications to the C12.19 data tables within
the meter via IP packet data connectivity provided by the Verizon Wireless


CellReader’s use of open standards enables utilities to
select metering tools and meter data collection applications that make the most
sense for their budget and objectives.  CellReader is also certified to
ANSI C12.20-2002 for meter accuracy and performance.


“Trilliant’s certification underscores our
commitment to developing the Smart Grid for the utility market,” said Mike
Brander, vice president, Utility and Industrial Vertical Markets, Verizon
Wireless. “Our Machine to Machine (M2M) rate plans and management tools,
combined with Trilliant’s CellReader, will enable our joint utility customers
to effectively manage large-scale Advanced Metering Infrastructure deployments
for the commercial and industrial markets,” Brander added.


“We look forward to working alongside Verizon
Wireless to support Smart Grid initiatives,” said Andy White, chairman and
chief executive officer of Trilliant.


“Trilliant has successfully delivered tens of
thousands of CellReader products on the Verizon Wireless network since 2003.
Our advanced CellReader technology combined with Verizon Wireless’
excellent coverage and reliable network continues to make for a model
relationship,” White added.


Verizon recently announced that it is adding
Mobile Satellite Solutions to its Private IP service suite, combining a highly
reliable connection with portable satellite technology to provide services
where traditional terrestrial services are unavailable, unreliable or


By leveraging Verizon’s multiprotocol label switching
(MPLS) global private IP network, these satellite services provide Private IP
customers with access to their private networks from virtually any place within
the satellite coverage area.


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