Verizon appoints Manon Brouillette as CEO of Consumer Group

Verizon Communications announced the appointment of Manon Brouillette to Executive Vice President and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group effective January 1, 2022.
Verizon Manon Brouillette
She will succeed Ronan Dunne, who will take on the role of Strategic Advisor. Manon Brouillette will report directly to Hans Vestberg, Verizon Chairman and CEO.

Before joining Verizon as COO and Deputy CEO in July 2021, Manon Brouillette was the President and CEO of Videotron, a Canadian telecommunications company that provides home broadband, pay television, telephony services and wireless communications.

Under her leadership, Videotron evolved into Canada’s fastest-growing carrier and was rated the most-admired telecom for more than ten years in a row. Manon Brouillette has been named among Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and has been recognized many times for her strategic and leadership abilities.

While Manon Brouillette was on the Board of Directors for Altice, one of the largest broadband communications and video services providers in the U.S., Altice accelerated its growth across broadband, pay television, telephony services and proprietary content.

Manon Brouillette will be responsible for all aspects of Verizon Consumer Group’s customer-first strategy, execution and growth, including consumer marketing, products and services, retail and customer service operations as well as digital excellence.