Verizon hikes data price, promising 30% more

Verizon data plans in July 2016
Telecom network operator Verizon on Wednesday announced new data plans for wireless subscribers in the U.S.

With this new data plans, Verizon Wireless decreased the price per GB reflecting the increasing demand for Internet. An average Verizon smartphone customer used about 2.7 GB per month in April 2016 against 1 GB of data per month in April, 2013.

The strategy of Verizon Wireless indicates that there will be a new price war in the US telecom market. Sprint, owned by SoftBank, already said the wireless operator is still giving 50 percent better price to data buyers as compared with the Verizon plans. T-Mobile US and AT&T are expected to respond to Verizon plans.

The company claims that thew new Verizon Plan offers at least 30 percent more data and introduces new capabilities like Carryover Data, Safety Mode and International Calling and Roaming for Canada and Mexico.

Verizon also introduced My Verizon app that lets subscribers access more data and new capabilities on the new Verizon Plan.

With the new Verizon Plan, subscribers will get more value with simple sizes (S-M-L-XL-XXL) that provide at least 30 percent more data in addition to unlimited talk and text.

Verizon data plans

The price of Small will be $35 per month for 2 GB against $30 per month for 1GB.

The cost Medium will be $50 per month for 4 GB as compared with $45 per month for 3GB.

Large will be priced at $70 per month for 8 GB against $60 per month for 6GB.

The price of X-Large will be $90 per month for 16 GB against $80 per month for 12GB.

Verizon is also offering XX-Large for $110 per month for 24 GB as compared with $100 per month for 18GB.

Features of Verizon data plans

30 percent more data – a new plan has five simple sizes, each with 30 percent more data.

Verizon subscribers can carryover data for another month without losing the data. Carryover data automatically rolls unused data for one month into the next. Data expires at the end of the next monthly bill cycle.

Nancy Clark, senior vice president of marketing and operations at Verizon, said: “The new Verizon Plan puts your mobile experience in the palm of your hand with the My Verizon app, giving you greater value with new capabilities that get rid of the fear of overages, offer bill simplicity, and help you better manage your overall mobile experience with a few quick taps.”

Subscribers can have up to 10 consumer and business lines on an account. Line service charges for the new Verizon Plan remain the same: Every smartphone line is $20 per month, tablets and Jetpack devices are $10 per month, and connected devices are $5 per month. Connected devices will no longer count toward the limit for devices on an account.

Baburajan K
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