Verizon launches Tech Support Pro customer service

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Verizon has announced the launch of Tech Support Pro, a new customer care service for Fios and High Speed Internet customers.

The company, headquartered in New York, has the service providing 24/7 support for connected devices in the home like computers, laptops, smartphones, air conditioners, washer/dryers and door locks.

When connected to the router, it will support for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

It comes with five free Mac or Windows PC tune ups per year, 50 GB picture and data transfer among storage devices, and a smartphone app to send data to the support team via phone or text.

The app, will allow sharing pictures related to issues to the Support team for precise diagnosis and is available on Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Users will be charged with $10 for this service, and customers can join it with Fios Quantum Gateway router for $15 a month receiving 50 percent discount on Tech Support Pro for 24/7 service.

Issues are directly proportional to number of devices said the company on an average of seven devices per user.

Current and new Fios Internet and High Speed Internet users can avail the service online at My Verizon or by calling 1-800-VERIZON.

Verizon has 112.6 million retail connections nationwide, and announced a revenue of $132 billion in 2015. The company purchased AOL for approximately $4.4 billion, and acquired Yahoo core business for $4.8 billion, as a strategy to expand its business.

Vina Krishnan
[email protected]