Verizon may bring new data plans for higher price

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Verizon Communications may announce new data plans with higher price but more data by this weekend, CNET reported.
The report suggests that customers currently using other plans can continue with them.
The new plans may also enable the users to extend the validity of the data, which has not been consumed in the current month, to the coming month. Rivals AT&T and T-Mobile have been offering similar plans for more than a year.
The new plans are said to be having lower prices increase when compared to the addition in data. The report cited an example that if Verizon is increasing a plan with a six gigabyte data allowance by 33 percent to eight gigabytes, the price of the plan will increase by only 17 percent to $70 from $60.
The report predicts that the basic “S” plan will offer 2 GB of shared data at $35 a month, from previous $30 plan for 1 GB. The medium “M” plan will have the same increase of $5 and may offer 4GB of data for $50 per month instead of the previous 3GB for $45 plan.
At the same time, higher data packs like the “L,” “XL” and “XXL” can sport about a $10 or more hike for added data.
There will also be a provision for “safety mode,” for higher end plans warning the users when the data is about to be used up, suggests the report.
Also, there can be a relaxation on roaming in between U.S. to Canada and Mexico alongside unlimited calls and texts to the same, for the high end slots. Similar services are being currently offered by all the competitors of the carrier.
The current market situation offers added competition to the operator, with adversaries like T-Mobile and Sprint.
T-Mobile has added to its subscriber list and continues to maintain the base with added features and data rollover options. At the same time, Sprint is trying to woo customers by cutting down the prices to make up for the debts on the company.
Reports have been suggesting that the U.S. mobile market is close to a saturation stage, as the number of additions have started to fall.
The carrier had lost 8,000 postpaid cellular users in 1Q-2016 and only maintained a number of 640,000 net user additions due to an added 500,000 net tablet subscriptions and other device connections.
The announcement, if done, will sync with the previous offer by the company where an added connection will cost $20 more and will come with unlimited talk-time and messages. This offer was also not mandatory and customers were allowed the freedom to carry on with their previous plans.
Verizon is said to maintain its position in the increasing competition mainly due to a higher ratio of top end users availing the carrier’s service. Verizon has been unavailable to comment on the report.