Verizon Wireless covers two more areas with its 4G LTE service

Telecom Lead America: With an aim to launch 4G LTE
services in more than 400 markets in the U.S., by the end 2012, telecom major
Verizon Wireless is set to expand 4G-LTE high-speed data network coverage in
the Glens Falls and Lake George areas.


“Our 4G LTE network will change the way our
customers in Eastern New York think about and use wireless technology. By
bringing true fourth-generation wireless technology to the area, we continue to
lead the way with 4G LTE by giving our local consumer and business customers
the ability to enjoy a much more powerful and robust wireless data
experience,” said Chris Felix, president of Verizon Wireless’ Upstate New
York Region.


Verizon’s new network will be available in the Lake George,
Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Greenwich, Hudson Falls and Warrensburg areas.


The operator said that it will leverage additional local
cell sites with 4G technology over the next several months.


Full nationwide deployment of the company’s 4G LTE
network is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2013.


The operator reckons that the enhanced and expanded
connectivity will allow Verizon subscribers to use internet at faster rate.


Additionally, Verizon will also turn on its 4G LTE
network in the Binghamton-Elmira-Corning area and in Cooperstown and Oneonta.


Verizon Wireless set to trash unlimited plans for 4G users in


Recently, the company announced that it is scrapping its
unlimited plans for 4G users.


Although, alongside to this announcement, the company
said that customers who move to its fourth generation (4G) network from its
older network can still use the company’s unlimited wireless data plan for a
flat monthly fee.


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