Verizon’s Singapore fiber project helps in increase in network coverage and capacity


Telecom major Verizon announced that it has completed a
fiber-optic network expansion project in Singapore, increasing the company’s
network coverage and doubling capacity for enterprise customers. Located primarily
in the northern and western parts of Singapore, the new fiber network gives
customers access to strategic network facilities including submarine-cable
landing stations and data centers.


The complex fiber construction project was a joint effort
between Verizon and M1 Limited, a provider of mobile, broadband and fixed
communications services in Singapore. Teams from both companies worked together
for two years to complete the network build.   


Singapore’s geographic location makes the country a
strategic gateway between Europe and Asia for our global customers,” said Yali
Liu, Verizon executive director of global network planning. Verizon’s new
Singapore fiber-optic ring now extends 160 kilometers (100 miles) and
significantly increases network coverage for enterprise and government


In addition to the fiber build, Verizon also deployed
advanced optical technology on the network expansion to meet customer bandwidth
requirements in Singapore. Using communications equipment called a ROADM
(reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer), which has dynamic and flexible
capabilities, the network will be able to initially support speeds of 40
gigabits per second and, ultimately, speeds of 100 Gbps and beyond as the
market grows.


With the additional capacity and access to strategic
submarine-cable landing stations in Singapore, customers will be able to take
more advantage of Verizon’s global mesh network. Meshing is a network
architecture that provides additional network paths for rerouting traffic in the
event of a cable cut or other network disruption.


Verizon deployed two mesh nodes in Singapore in 2009 and
currently has an eight-way mesh network in the Asia-Pacific region. The mesh
network currently operates at 99.999 percent of network availability.


Verizon recently announced that it kicked off
its third annual Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference, a gathering of
mobile application developers, entrepreneurs, network experts and others being
held in Las Vegas.


The VDC Conference offers insights into the consumer app
marketplace, opportunities in the growing world of M2M applications and the
ongoing rollout of the nation’s fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network.  


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