Vizz Mobile hooks up with Roshan, an operator in Afghanistan

By TelecomLead TeamVizz Mobile announced that it has entered into a partnership with Roshan, a
communication provider of Afghanistan to launch new SIM Card with optimal
routing to Afghanistan.

Through this partnership, Afgans in the United
Kingdom will now be able to use their mobile phones to access unrivalled
call quality, clear pricing, flexibility and reliability when calling family
and friends in Afghanistan, just by inserting the custom Vizz Roshan
co-branded SIM card into their mobile handset.

In addition, Vizz Roshan allows customers to transfer mobile
credit to friends and relatives in Afghanistan. Customers can make the transfer
via SMS, through Customer Care, or online.

“There is a growing community of Afghan residents in
the UK who need a way to speak with their loved ones. At Vizz Mobile we want to
meet this demand and cater for the needs of a community that up until now has
had to put up with patchy, and inefficient, communication
to Afghanistan,” said Pat Nabhan, chief executive officer,

Vizz Roshan customers will benefit from several
international tie-ups and unprecedented long-term relationships with global
operators nurtured by Vizz Mobile’s parent company, UK telecoms firm QiComm.

Within the Afghan market, Roshan serves 60 per cent of the
population and has nearly 6 million customers.

“This is an important step to our international growth
and through our relationship with Vizz Mobile we are able to expand into a new
market with a credible mobile virtual network operator partner,” said Altaf Ladak, chief operating officer, Roshan.

In October last year, the
company launched Vizz Africa, a mobile virtual network operator targeting the
UK’s African Diaspora.

Vizz Africa has achieved considerable success in its five
months of operation by focusing on ethical and transparent operation.

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