Vodacom Africa selects Genesys to integrate social media interactions with mobile users

Telecom Lead Africa: Vodacom, a mobile communications
provider in South Africa, will deploy Genesys Social Engagement to integrate
social media interactions with customers throughout their contact center and
customer service operations.


Vodacom has been leveraging the Genesys Customer
Interaction Management (CIM) platform to handle its more than 16 million calls
per month.


Blended e-services agents within the contact centers
handle non-voice interactions such as chat, SMS, web call-back and email.


Vodacom has the largest social media following among
South African companies. Genesys Social Engagement supports Twitter and
Facebook, which are Vodacom’s primary social media channels.


The company claims that Genesys Social Engagement allows
Vodacom agents use existing routing, reporting and agent desktop technologies
to handle social media as part of a cross-channel customer service strategy
built around driving customer conversations.


The automated capabilities of the Genesys Social
Engagement Platform make it easier for Vodacom to scale when customer
interactions are heavy. It allows customers and agents to switch from one mode
of contact to another; if an interaction begins on a social media channel,
agents can offer web call-back or email to deal directly with the customer,
without losing context or data.


By integrating the Genesys Social Engagement solution
within our existing Genesys system we can effectively handle the growing
numbers of social media queries. A posting on a website may be only part of an
interaction a customer may be having with us, so it is important that we have a
highly integrated approach that allows us to uniformly handle all
interactions,” said Eben Dreyer, solution development manager, Vodacom.


Vodacom contact center agents use the same interface for
social media interactions as they do for email, chat, and other support


Genesys Social Engagement analyzes social media
interactions and applies intelligent customer routing and business rules to
align interactions with the right resources in the contact center, marketing,
or other groups. Integrated reporting is designed to deliver insight into
business outcomes and effectiveness.


Vodacom recognizes the value of delivering cross-channel
customer conversation. We are pleased that they have chosen Genesys Social
Engagement to help integrate their Facebook and Twitter channels into their
overall customer experience,” said Paul Segre, president and CEO, Genesys.


Vodacom to deregister one million inactive SIM cards


Recently, Vodacom announced it is deregistering
approximately one million inactive SIM cards as part of a series of steps to
help improve the effectiveness of the RICA Act.  


On 1st July 2011, the requirement for the de-activation
of all unregistered SIM cards as per the Regulation of Interception of
Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, 2002
(‘RICA’) became effective. 


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