Vodafone appoints Scott Petty as CTO and Alberto Ripepi as CNO

Vodafone Group announced the appointment of Scott Petty as Chief Technology Officer and Alberto Ripepi as Chief Network Officer (CNO).
Vodafone 5G ItalyScott Petty and Alberto Ripepi will co-lead Vodafone Technology. Alberto Ripepi and Scott Petty will report to Nick Read, Vodafone Group CEO. Scott Petty and Alberto Ripepi will join the Vodafone Group Executive Committee on 1 January 2023.

The appointment of Scott Petty and Alberto Ripepi is in the wake of the retirement of Johan Wibergh, Group Chief Technology Officer, on 31 December 2022 after nearly eight years with Vodafone. Johan Wibergh joined Vodafone and the Vodafone Group Executive Committee in May 2015 as Chief Technology Officer.

Johan Wibergh drove Vodafone’s technology strategy, including the creation of a single pan-European technology team with emphasis on operational excellence and bringing more software skills in-house. He has been instrumental in establishing Vodafone as a gigabit broadband leader with Europe’s largest 5G network and spearheading the build of new digital platforms.

Previously, Johan Wibergh joined Ericsson in 1996, where he held roles in IT and Services and two country CEO positions before becoming Executive Vice President and Head of Networks.

Scott Petty joined Vodafone in 2009 and has held positions in Vodafone Business Product Management and Technology before becoming UK CTO in 2017. He moved to his current position in April 2021.

Since joining Vodafone in 2001, Alberto Ripepi has held various roles in technology including CTO of Europe and operational director for Group Technology.