Vodafone Idea to power connected SUV Hyundai VENUE

Vodafone Idea has signed a partnership with Hyundai AutoEver India for the launch of Blue Link Connected Technology that will power Hyundai VENUE, India’s first smart connected SUV.
Hyundai Venue powered by Vodafone IdeaVodafone Idea’s expertise in automotive connected technology will help Hyundai deploy a connected solution with integration of eSIMS with voice, 3G / 4G data, SMS, secured APN service and API integration.

The solution will empower Hyundai to locate its cars, enable real-time exchange of data and power a range of connected car services will allow Hyundai to manage Vodafone M2M operations.

Vodafone Idea will also work as digital partner for Hyundai AutoEver India to manage the connectivity life cycle of the car that was launched in India recently.

Vodafone Idea Business Services has spent the last 18 months working closely with Hyundai AutoEver India to make connected cars a reality for Hyundai in India, Nick Gliddon, chief enterprise business officer of Vodafone Idea, said.

Hyundai Blue Link powered by Vodafone Idea has 33 features out of which 10 features are specific for the Indian market.

Some of these features are auto crash notification, SOS assistance, road side assistance, panic notification, stolen vehicle tracking, climate control, find my car, maintenance alert, live traffic information, location sharing, and English voice recognition among others.