Vodafone India launches unlimited roaming plans for US, UAE, Singapore

Vodafone LTE network
Telecom operator Vodafone India has launched an unlimited international roaming plan for travellers to the US, UAE and Singapore.

The company said customers of Vodafone i-RoamFREE, its international roaming pack, will not be charged a single additional rupee for calls and data while roaming in these three countries.

Vodafone said this pack is available at price points with options of Rs 5,000 for 30 days, Rs 3,500 for 10 days, Rs 2,500 for seven days and Rs 500 for 24 hours.

“There is no cap on the number of calls or amount of high speed data that can be used. Also, calls include all incoming calls and outgoing calls anywhere in the world. This means customers travelling in the US can even make calls to Hong Kong at no extra charges,” said a statement from Vodafone India.

Vodafone i-RoamFREE is an international roaming pack which offers home-like tariffs while roaming in 47 countries of the globe.

“This is the first time ever unlimited international roaming proposition and we are very excited to introduce it for our top three travel destinations — US, Singapore and UAE. We are making calls and data, both incoming and outgoing, while travelling in these countries completely free,” said Sandeep Kataria, director – Commercial, Vodafone India.

Vodafone claims that the new international roaming pack completely eliminates the need and hassle of changing SIM cards when travelling abroad.

Vodafone customers can now freely use their local number seamlessly without worrying about any bill shocks or expensive charges. They can remain confidently connected on their existing Vodafone number when they travel, and be assured the best of voice and data services.