Vodafone India posts £226 mn loss in 2015-16

Vodafone India revenue and loss in 2015-16Telecom operator Vodafone Group has revealed that its India business reported loss of £226 million during 2015-16 on revenue of £5,230 million.

Vodafone said it incurred a loss in 2015-16 as the costs of spectrum, investment in networks and the interest costs incurred with Indian banks exceeded the profit. Its 2015-16 non-tax contribution was higher than in the prior year as a consequence of a spectrum auction in 2015-16 which increased government receipts in that year.
Vodafone India revenue contribution in 2015-16Vodafone Group has disclosed its financial conditions and tax contributions in its operating nations as part of a wider disclosure.

Vodafone India facts in 2015-16

Revenue £5,230 million

Profit before tax (£226 million)

Direct revenue contribution: Tax £417 million

Direct revenue contribution: Non-tax £1,083 million

Indirect revenue contribution £1,141 million

Capital investment £946 million

Direct employment 22,483 people

Vodafone India has 26 legal entities: AG Mercantile Company; Cable & Wireless Global (India); Cable & Wireless Networks India; Connect (India) Mobile Technologies; Indus Towers; Jaykay Finholding (India); Mobile Commerce Solutions; MV Healthcare Services; Nadal Trading Company; ND Callus Info Services; Omega Telecom Holdings; Plustech Mercantile Company; Scorpio Beverages; SMMS Investment; Telecom Investments India; UMT Investments; Usha Martin Telematics; Vodafone Business Services; Vodafone Global Services; Vodafone India; Vodafone India Services; Vodafone Mobile Services; Vodafone Mpesa; Vodafone Towers and Vodafone Technology Solutions.