Vodafone India service revenue up 10.7% to £4.29 billion in FY 2013

Telecom Lead Asia: Vodafone India has posted 10.7 percent increase in FY 2013 service revenue to £4.29 billion.

Vodafone India’s data revenue increased to £369 million.

Messaging revenue was £156 million.

Vodafone India’s fixed line revenue was £19 million.

The mobile operator’s voice revenue touched £3.215 billion.

Vodafone India’s total revenue was £4.32 billion, while EBITDA was £1.24 billion.

The increase in service revenue was driven by strong growth in mobile voice minutes and data revenue, partially offset by the impact of regulatory changes.

Average customer growth slowed in Q4, as Q3 regulatory changes affecting subscriber verification continued to impact gross additions, however customer acquisition costs remained low.

For the year as a whole, growth was negatively impacted by the introduction of new consumer protection regulations on the charging of access fees and the marketing of integrated tariffs and value-added services.

However, in Q4 the customer base returned to growth and usage increased. Data revenue grew by 19.8 percent driven by increased data customers and higher smartphone penetration.

At 31 March 2013 active data customers totaled 37.3 million including approximately 3.3 million 3G data customers.

There was a lower rate of growth at Indus Towers, its network nfrastructure joint venture, with a slowdown in tenancies from smaller entrants, some operators exiting sites following license cancellations and a change in the pricing structure for some existing customers in the first half of the year.

Vodafone India’s EBITDA grew 24 percent with a 3.3 percent increase in EBITDA margin, driven by the higher revenue, operating cost efficiencies and the impact of lower customer acquisition costs, partially offset by inflationary pressure.

Vodafone’s performance is better than its rival including Airtel, MTS India, Reliance Communications and Idea Cellular.

Q4 revenue of Airtel

Bharti Airtel’s revenue increased 9.2 percent to Rs 20,448 crore in Q4 FY 2013. Profit plummeted 49.4 percent to Rs 509 crore. Q4 growth drivers include 71percent growth in mobile Internet in India, 24 percent increase in Digital TV, 17 percent increase in B2B and 12.6 percent increase in Africa revenue to Rs 6,065 crore.

For the FY 2013, Airtel’s revenue rose 12.4 percent to Rs 80,311 crore. But profit decreased 46.6 percent to Rs 2,276 crore. Growth drivers for FY 2013 include 66 percent growth in mobile Internet in India, 26 percent increase in Digital TV, 19 percent increase in B2B and 21.3 percent increase in Africa revenue.

Airtel says data traffic and 3G data customers in India rose over 135 percent in Q4. ARPU improved to Rs 193.

Q4 revenue of Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular’s 3G subscriber base reached 5.1 million in Q4 FY 2013, while data ARPU rose to Rs 55. The company improved non voice revenue to 15.2 percent from 14.6 percent in Q3 FY 2013 led by mobile data growth.

The data volume expanded by 13.8 percent to 11.4 billion MB (10 billion MB in Q3 FY 2013) and data realized rate improved by 9.5 percent to 33.9p per MB in Q4 FY 2013.

Idea Cellular has posted 14.92 percent increase in FY 2013 revenue to Rs 22,457 crore against Rs 19,411 crore in FY 2012.

Q4 revenue of Reliance Communications

Reliance Communications’ Q4 revenue increased 12.3 percent quarter-on-quarter to Rs 5,956 crore from Rs 5,301 crore in Q3. Net Profit of Reliance Communications increased 186.8 percent to Rs 303 crore.

Q4 wireless revenue rose 2.5 percent to Rs 4,626 crore. Wireless EBITDA at increased 2.3 percent to Rs 1,233 crore. RPM stood at 44 paisa. Global enterprise’s Q4 revenues reached Rs 2,466 crore, up 0.5 percent from Rs 2,454crore in Q3.

Q4 revenue of MTS India

MTS India reported 31 percent increase in 2012 revenue to Rs 1619.2 crore from Rs 1234.9 crore in 2011. The net loss has reduced to Rs 2982.1 crore in 2012 against Rs 3531.4 crore in 2011.

Its non voice revenues contribute 36.8 percent of total quarterly revenues and the contribution has increased by 15bps for the quarter. The company’s blended mobile ARPU for the quarter increased by 2 percent to Rs 79.

MTS India’s data card subscriber base for the quarter declined by 2 percent to 1.78 million subscribers. The data card subscriber base declined mainly due to uncertainties and the new regulatory requirements for customer registration.

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