Vodafone India unveils mobile application store powered by Appia

Vodafone India announced the launch of the
new Vodafone mobile application store.

Powered by Appia, the new mobile application store
provides Vodafone India’s over 145 million subscribers with a comprehensive and
vast selection of over 10,000 free and paid applications for virtually any
handset across major mobile operating systems including Android, Java, Symbian
and Blackberry.

“We are excited to
partner with Appia to offer this new mobile Application Store to Vodafone
said Kumar
Ramanathan, chief marketing officer, Vodafone India

The store will
present the best the world has to offer in mobile applications, giving Vodafone
subscribers an expansive catalog of games and apps to entertain and enrich
their lives.


The Vodafone Application Store
includes over 10,000 app titles across all popular categories including games,
entertainment, social networking and local culture, offering a one-stop shop
for all Vodafone India Mobile (2G/3G) customers to purchase and download
applications and games for use on their GPRS-enabled handsets.

The catalog also includes an
extensive collection of content from local providers, including Hungama, India
Games and Nazara, Spice, and Vodafone-branded apps like Portfolio Tracker,
Vodafone TV, and Chhota Comics. Free applications
will be available, along with a strong collection of paid applications. 

Appia’s application discovery and
distribution network provides all of the content for Vodafone’s mobile
application storefront, as well as the end-to-end managed service platform for
storefront merchandising and commerce.

The store supports over 3,500 different
devices, and is optimized to match applications to each subscriber’s specific
device, offering thousands of applications across all major mobile operating
systems, thus making it one of the best amongst all operator apps stores in the

“Appia is honored
to partner with Vodafone India to launch an Application Store with a great
collection of mobile applications to Vodafone’s more than 145 million
subscribers across India,”
said Jud Bowman, CEO of Appia.

Vodafone leveraged the Appia Developer
Program to work with the many local Indian content providers to rapidly
aggregate their content and to ensure that the apps and content available in
the store meet the distinct needs and tastes of the Vodafone India subscribers.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]