Vodafone launches Super Zoozoo comic series

Telecom Lead Team:
Mobile major Vodafone India has launched The
Adventures of Super Zoozoo, an online comic series featuring Super Zoozoo.

exclusively on Vodafone Zoozoo’s Facebook page, the comic introduces fans and
readers to the vast, black and white Zoozoo universe where crocodiles invade
picnics and superheroes don’t need secret identities.

Zoozoo made his debut in 2011 to promote Vodafone’s 3G campaign. In the 3G
commercials, he was portrayed as a superhero with powers similar to popular
cultural icons a la Superman.

have seen that our fans constantly demand new Zoozoo material and a comic
series was the most natural extension of the Zoozoos. So far, fans only knew
Zoozoos through short ads or through content on our Facebook page. These comics
are a great way for readers to get to know the Zoozoo world in all its quirky
sweetness. Going ahead, we will extend the comics with never seen before Zoozoo
characters and also give readers a chance to contribute their ideas,” said
Anuradha Aggarwal, vice president- Brand Communication and Insights, Vodafone India.

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