Vodafone M2M powers dCare Smart device to manage diabetes

Vodafone Business Services (VBS) today said its Machine to Machine (M2M) cellular technology is powering Diabetacare to launch dCare Smart device that assists people to manage diabetes.

The device, a GSM SIM enabled wireless glucometer, transmits blood sugar results to a Diabetacare server. Diabetes specialists at the Diabetacare`s Diabetes Management Centre (DMC) monitor the reading. DMC will send an alert / call with advice to both the patient and kin if there is an abnormal blood glucose readings.
dCare Smart is paired with the back-end clinical servers which connect to the electronic medical record system, wherein access is given to patients and their caregivers to keep them informed and better manage the condition.

“We are the first telecom service provider to offer the M2M service platform in the Indian market today. Vodafone’s M2M Solution for Diabetacare allows data to be securely uploaded to a central server and is then accessed remotely by multiple parties. We have the capability to maintain over 10 billion SIMs in our platform,” said Nick Gliddon, director – Vodafone Business Services.

Vodafone’s M2M solutions will assist Diabetacare to ramp up deployments to 100,000 users across multiple locations.

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