Vodafone reveals digital cloud marketplace targeting SMEs

vodafone-logoVodafone launched a cloud based marketplace featuring small and medium sized enterprises (SME) sector specific business applications.

VodafoneDigital Marketplace was initiated in Italy, and will be launched soon in Germany, the UK and South Africa, added the release.

The company will unveil a suite of applications aimed at different sectors from hospitality to construction.

VodafoneDigital Marketplace Solution will consist of:

# Smart Sales – Catalogue and content management

# Smart Hotel – Tools for hotels including a console to manage customer concierge services

# Smart mobility – Organise staff rotas and expenses

# Sito Web – Digital presence and personalised web design application

The solution will enable SME customers to directly download and manage apps online via Vodafone marketplace for better customer experience.

The platform for VodafoneDigital Marketplace will be provided across its key areas by AppDirect.

AppDirect is pre-equipped with independent software vendor applications, activated on a per country basis, as per local conditions and demands.

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The cloud market is growing and operators will gain by around $22 billion by diversifying into cloud provisioning for SMEs in the UK and US markets alone, as per BSCG reports.

Also, global cloud traffic is predicted to multiply four times to 8.6ZB (zettabytes) by the end of 2019, suggest latest Global Cloud Index report by Cisco.

Vina Krishnan

[email protected]