Vodafone UK tests Ericsson 4G Radio Dot system

Vodafone UK has started testing Ericsson’s new 4G Radio Dot system to avoid mobile call drops or poor internet connection when you are in a building.

The call handover between an in-building small cells and the 4G mobile data network are technically more challenging due to the different radio frequencies and protocols in use.

Vodafone UK is testing Ericsson’s new 4G Radio Dot system at its office in Waterloo, London to boost indoor coverage and capacity as well as provide improved integration with 4G.
Radio Dot System
Ericsson’s new 4G Radio Dot system requires less internal wiring, reducing the need to rip up a ceiling or floor which in turn speeds up and lowers the cost of installation.

Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer Jorge Fernandes said: “With 70 per cent of customers using their mobile device mostly indoors, we want to eradicate the frustration of losing a conference call or video streaming session when moving throughout a business park or leaving a music venue.”

Vodafone will test different office deployments and scenarios with the view of trialling the Ericsson 4G Radio Dot system with corporate customers at a later date. The system complements Vodafone’s low frequency 800MHz spectrum which penetrates better through walls than other 4G signals to provide the best network coverage.

Baburajan K
[email protected]