Vodafone Upgrades OpenRAN mast in Devon, Integrating Massive MIMO Antennas

Vodafone has unveiled a major upgrade to an OpenRAN mast located in Devon, integrating Massive MIMO antennas.
Massive MIMO Antennas VodafoneThis enhancement not only promises improved mobile signal coverage for a larger demographic but also underscores the versatility of OpenRAN technology in seamlessly integrating components from various vendors and facilitating gradual upgrades tailored to evolving consumer needs.

The revamped 5G OpenRAN mast in Devon now boasts Massive MIMO antennas sourced from NEC, complementing its existing Samsung software framework.

With a configuration featuring 64 transmit and 64 receive antennas, the mast stands poised to facilitate concurrent data transmission from multiple devices, setting it apart from conventional masts lacking Massive MIMO capabilities.

Prior to deployment, OpenRAN components underwent interoperability testing at Vodafone’s OpenRAN Test and Integration Lab in Newbury, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance in the field.

OpenRAN, heralded as the future backbone of 4G networks, is being actively championed by Vodafone, marking a shift in network deployment and management strategies. The deployment of OpenRAN technology across 2,500 sites in Wales and the southwest of England underscores Vodafone’s commitment to addressing surging data demands.

Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer at Vodafone UK, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative potential of Massive MIMO technology, describing it as a pivotal addition to 5G infrastructure that significantly enhances operational efficiency and elevates the mobile experience for consumers.

He emphasized the successful execution of component replacement from diverse vendors within a live mobile site, underscored by the seamless interoperability between NEC’s Massive MIMO antennas and Samsung’s software framework, as a testament to the agility and adaptability inherent in OpenRAN architecture.