Vodafone users can now recharge mobile phones with PAYBACK points

Telecom Lead Asia:  Vodafone India, one of the top telecommunications service providers in India, has joined as the exclusive telecom partner of PAYBACK, India’s largest multi-brand loyalty program, to offer Vodafone recharge offer to customers.

With this partnership, PAYBACK, a multi-brand loyalty program, allows its members to redeem points for Vodafone recharge as well as avail the Vodafone Bill Pay facility using PAYBACK points.

“The telecom sector has seen the fastest growth rates in the last decade. Given the compelling need to create differentiated customer offerings in the hyper-competitive Indian telecom environment, we strongly believe that we can use our experience and learning in loyalty to drive value for Vodafone and its subscriber base,” said Rahul Rana, chief operating officer, PAYBACK India.

Since the soft launch of this offering in November 2012 there have been 500-700 point redemption orders per day, already, the company said.

Vodafone recharging with PAYBACK

According to Bjas Murthy, associate director, Voice Products, Services and CVM, Vodafone India, the changing dynamics and intensifying competition in the telecom sector have created the need for a robust loyalty program that will help the company enhance customer trust, provide meaningful brand differentiation and tailor offers in light of new customer needs.

Vodafone India plans to enroll over 3 million subscribers into the program and enhance the customer experience.

Members of the program will also enjoy unique benefits, including special offers, additional discounts, bonus points and this will further enhance their overall shopping experience.

This announcement comes at a time when Vodafone India’s customer growth in Q2 slowed as customer acquisition costs were reduced, lowering the level of multiple SIM activation, which had a positive effect on margin. At the same time, the anniversary of the introduction of SMS termination fees in Q2 of the prior financial year has also impacted second quarter growth.

Vodafone India clocks 3.7% dip in H1 2012 revenue to £2.038 billion

Vodafone India has reported 3.7 percent decrease in revenue to £2.038 billion for the six months ended 30 September 2012. In H1 of 2011, revenue of Vodafone India was £2.117 billion.

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