Vodafone wins TelecomLead.com Innovation Leaders 2019 award

Vodafone Group has received the TelecomLead.com Innovation Leaders 2019 award for starting the innovative OpenRAN technology in Europe.
Vodafone winners of TelecomLead.com Innovation Leaders 2019 award
The decision to start the deployment of the OpenRAN technology in the United Kingdom will ensure that the global telecom operator will be able to work with more number of mobile network suppliers – gaining from increase in flexibility and innovation and, can help address cost challenges.

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One of the main challenges for telecom operators is to reduce cost in the roll out of latest network technologies. Cost optimization will always put pressure on the expansion of their mobile network coverage in less connected areas.

The investment in OpenRAN technology will support Vodafone to enhance its presence in rural areas of UK and Africa. One of the main strategies of Vodafone is to enhance rural presence and increase mobile data revenue.

Vodafone, the world’s largest private telecom operator, has initiated the first European trials of OpenRAN in the UK and may extend to more markets in Europe. Vodafone’s decision making team believes that OpenRAN will support the telecom operator to reduce cost of network and reduce its reliance on big telecom network makers.

Vodafone has initiated trials of the OpenRAN technology to enable more consumers in the DRC and Mozambique – which have largely rural communities and are near the bottom of the United Nations Human Development Index – to make mobile calls and to access data.

Vodafone has undertaken lab trials of OpenRAN with Vodacom South Africa. Vodafone has also deployed the cost-effective and innovative technology in Turkey to deliver 2G and 4G services to customers in both urban and rural parts of the country.

Vodafone has started working with new vendors supplying OpenRAN technology including US-based Parallel Wireless and Mavenir, and UK-based Lime Microsystems for Open CrowdCell.

OpenRAN technology reduces the cost of providing internet and voice services by standardising the design and functionality of the hardware and software in the RAN, increasing the number of companies that can supply different components.

Vodafone aims to offer 2G, 3G and 4G services and 5G in future by making investment in OpenRAN technology in its markets.