Voxbone posts 19 percent growth in VoIP revenue in 2011

By Telecom Lead Team:
Voxbone has seen a steady growth in VoIP communications in 2011, as demand
from existing customers increased, coupled with new business wins from some of
the fastest-rising operators in telecommunications.

The company said that it got lift for the first time from
customers such as Telefonica and iBasis, while most growth came from direct
sales to its customers among providers of next-generation VoIP communications

The company deployed its own network infrastructure in Germany,
Luxemburg and Spain in 2011. Additionally, it got recognition from Deloitte as
the fastest-growing technology company in Belgium.

Its revenue grew 19 percent, while minutes of use on its global
network increased by 33 percent to 2.8 billion.

“The progress we have seen since our start and the
magnitude of the customers we continue to attract, especially in recent years,
firmly indicate that Voxbone has achieved a reputation for quality in the
global telecoms market. We’re seeing indications of accelerated adoption of
cloud communications services in a number of areas that lead us to project
major demand in wholesale VoIP services,” said Voxbone CEO Rod Ullens.

The company termed evolution in Internet-based communications
services in business and consumer applications as major game changer, as it
helped in company’s growth.

Voxbone observed a significant upswing in business with global
B2B network service providers, as the large corporations adopted cloud
communications during 2011.

The company is planning to launch a series of new product lines
this year. Also, it will enhance its existing services, and expand its network
footprint from its current 51 countries to an additional five to seven
countries in Asia and South America.

Last year, Voxbone expanded its efforts to help service providers and enterprises in North
America by extending the reach of their international networking capabilities
rapidly and cost-effectively.

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