Wataniya Telecom revenue increases 34 percent to 184 million dinars in fourth quarter

By Telecom Lead Team: Wataniya Telecom net profit
increased 57 percent to 38.2 million Kuwaiti dinars (Dh504.33 million) in
fourth-quarter against 24.3 million dinars for the same quarter last year.


The carrier said that results show a positive performance
in its Kuwaiti and North African operations, including Palestine.


Wataniya’s revenue rose 34 per cent to 186.4 million


Majority-owned by Qatar Telecom (Qtel), Wataniya has
operations in Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Maldives and the
Palestinian territories, said its consolidated customer base was 17.8mn at the
end of 2011, up 7.4 percent from a year earlier.


In 2011, Wataniya Telecom increased its holding in its
Tunisian operation Tunisiana to 75 percent from 50 percent. Wataniya Telecom is
a unit of Qatar Telecom, or Qtel, the Gulf Arab state’s largest telecom


“Continued positive results in key operations such
as Kuwait, Algeria and Tunisia were also complemented by the performance of
Wataniya Mobile Palestine,” said Shaikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Saud Al
Thani, chairman of Wataniya Telecom.


Recently, Wataniya introduced new Wnet offers on cash or
installments that allow its postpaid customers to enjoy an electronic gadget at
KD 1.5 per month.


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