Why AT&T claiming #1 position in IoT biz

AT&T claims it is the #1 in the Internet of Things (IoT) business globally.

Since January 2015, AT&T has signed IoT deals with more than 136 companies across industries such as agriculture, automotive, aviation, energy, healthcare, transportation, security and supply chain logistics.

AT&T network has added more than 945,000 connected devices in the first quarter of 2015. AT&T has posted 70 percent growth in IoT connected devices worldwide to 22 million. Of those devices, 684,000 were connected cars. AT&T is working with eight top automakers.

The IoT market is expected to nearly triple to $1.7 trillion by 2020, says global market intelligence firm International Data Corp. (IDC). Devices, connectivity, and IT services will make up the majority of the market, IDC reports.

Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions, said: “We’re helping businesses solve real problems by building custom solutions that automate operations, reduce costs, and save time. With our highly secure and reliable network, there’s no limit to what can be connected.”

Some IoT solutions from AT&T include the following:

# AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe is a device that monitors assets worldwide, by air or land. It uses small, lightweight sensors that record and transmit location, temperature, pressure, light and shock.

AT&T Smart Grid enables in modernizing utility systems with wireless connections to smart grid devices, such as smart meters to help make energy grids more efficient and reliable.

AT&T M2X allows customers to connect their devices to AT&T’s cloud-based data storage service. It lets companies collect, analyze and share data – from trucks and turbines to vending machines and freight containers.

AT&T is making connected living a reality by enabling connected experiences across devices – now or in the future.

Connected Cars can alert you when repairs are needed, help you navigate busy streets or provide rear-seat entertainment.

Connected Cities will detect flood zones and air quality, and city water pipes will detect and protect against wasteful leaks.
Connected Homes are a safer and more efficient home. Adjust the thermostat and turn off excess lights to save energy and money. Monitor when family members come and go, open the medicine cabinet or open and close the garage door.

AT&T leads the industry in its selection of fitness, smart locator and smartwatch wearables with more than 30 wearables to choose from.

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