XO Communications partners with Nokia Siemens to deploy 100G Network

Telecom Lead America:  XO Communications  has partnered with Nokia Siemens Networks to deploy 100 Gbps network in the U.S.


XO Communications claims that is the first service provider in the U.S. to deploy 100 Gbps optical technology across a long haul fiber network on a nationwide basis.


The nationwide optical network transformation with 100G technology enables the company to deliver high-speed optical networking services and meet the explosive bandwidth demands driven by cloud services, Internet videos, mobile services and new wireless technologies.


The Nokia Siemens Networks optical system will simultaneously transmit up to 96 wavelengths of light, each carrying data at 100G and allowing a total data transfer speed of up to 9.6 Terabits per second.


Randy Nicklas, senior vice president and chief technology officer for XO Communications, said while other telecommunications companies have deployed or tested 100G  optical systems across portions of their networks, XO Communications is the first service provider to deploy 100G technology on an operational basis coast-to-coast across its nationwide fiber network.


Its capacity to increase the bandwidth efficiency enables XO Communications to carry more than 10 times the amount of network traffic carried on a standard route using previous generation optical systems.


The 100G technology platform will enable XO Communications to offer 100 Gbps optical network services to customers that increasingly need higher bandwidth solutions, including cable companies, mobile wireless service providers, and domestic and international telecommunications companies.


Jim Benson, head of Optical Networks for the Americas at Nokia Siemens, said XO Communications has deployed Nokia Siemens Networks’ DWDM network based on the hiT7300 platform across its coast-to-coast routes on its long haul optical network.


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