XO Communications set to tap Canada telecom market

Telecom Lead America: XO Communications is set to tap the Toronto market.

XO Communications’ Canadian subsidiary will offer high-speed network services to enterprise and wholesale customers.

XO Communications, as part of its expansion, is currently connected to over a dozen major data center colocation facilities through its partner Cologix.

Cologix is connected to more than 150 telecommunications companies.

Canada’s wireless market is currently dominated by three big players: Telus, Rogers, and Bell. Canada is an important market for XO Communications. Canadian telecom market is in the process of adding more telecom players. Recently, the government said it is applying measures to the upcoming 700-MHz wireless spectrum auction to ensure rural Canadians receive the same level of service as people who live in bigger towns and cities.

XO Communications will offer wholesale and enterprise network services, including high-speed Internet access, MPLS IP-VPN, private line, Ethernet and wavelength services, at speeds up to 10 Gbps in Toronto.

These services run over a fully diverse 550-mile Toronto metro and Canadian long-haul fiber network connecting back to the U.S. at multiple locations.

Don MacNeil, chief marketing officer for XO Communications

“As the largest network hub in Canada and a major hub in North America, Toronto is a key business center for the finance, high-tech, media and telecommunications industries,” said Don MacNeil, chief marketing officer for XO Communications.

“Our expansion into Canada will enable XO to provide high-capacity network services to better serve businesses like these on both sides of the border, whether they need connectivity in Toronto or high-speed access to markets in the U.S,” MacNeil added.

Recently, XO Communications has provided Horizon Lines with a converged enterprise-wide voice, data and network security solution. The solution is designed by XO Communications in co-operation with XO business partners, Intelisys and Richardson Communications and Consulting (RCC) to simplify the management of network infrastructure and reduce costs. Horizon Lines is one of U.S’ domestic ocean shipping and integrated logistics companies.


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