Zain conducts customer week to improve experience

Zain Group top executives
Telecom network operator Zain Group has completed its Customer Week initiative in all eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

The strategy of Zain Group is to gather insight into enhancing mobile customer service, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering better customer experience as it transforms to an integrated digital lifestyle operator.

Zain’s Customer Day program, which for the first time was held for a week, ensured that both senior management and members of functional teams are able to spend time within the organization’s touch-points with customers and within internal units.

“The main focus of Customer Week is to offer an opportunity for traditionally noncustomer-facing staff and leaders to connect with customers as well as with our internal front-line staff. The week offered all stakeholders a great platform to step out of their daily roles and gain additional insights and awareness of the importance of nurturing the customer relationship,” said Zain Group CEO Scott Gegenheimer.

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