Zain Iraq sells 4,968 telecom towers to TASC Towers for $180 mn

Mobile operator Zain Iraq announced it has sold 4,968 telecom towers to TASC Towers for $180 million.
Zain 5G business
Zain Iraq will have a 15-year agreement with Dubai-based TASC Towers to leaseback, as well as the management rights of the passive physical infrastructure of its towers. TASC Towers Iraq will be expanding the network and building new towers, including 198 sites over the next 12 months. Furthermore, TASC Towers will manage Zain Iraq’s supporting facilities such as power generators, fuel tanks and shelters.

Zain Iraq will retain its active infrastructure, including wireless communication radios, antennas, intelligent software, transmission systems, and intellectual property with respect to managing its telecom network.

TASC Towers Iraq will work on optimizing co-location of mobile network sites with other telco operators in the country, that will result in a better utilization of mobile site infrastructure, the reduction of power generators and hence the industry’s carbon footprint.