Zayo to invest $14 million on FTT network to 78 towers in Indiana

Zayo Group
Telecom infrastructure company Zayo Group Holdings will make an investment of $14 million to provide fiber-to-the-tower (FTT) to 78 new towers in Indiana to serve a wireless customer.

Zayo said the towers will be located on 234 new network miles south and west of Indianapolis and connect a corridor to Louisville, Kentucky. The sale will also leverage 350 miles of fiber that is already in place to create a diverse ring in the region.

Zayo expects this contract to result in a strong return on the incremental $14 million capital investment to construct the additional 234 route miles of fiber network. Zayo expects to use the network to serve additional wireless tenants. Zayo will also provide fiber-based services to non-wireless customers such as universities, school districts, hospitals and content providers.

There are financial service, insurance, technology and healthcare businesses, in addition to several state and private universities in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

“Our network will have the capacity to not only provide FTT infrastructure for one of the nation’s leading wireless carriers, but also the fiber capacity to support services to additional mobile operators and other customers in need of high-bandwidth solutions,” said Jacob Fuller, vice president of Zayo’s Mobile Infrastructure segment.

After this expansion, Zayo will have approximately 8,200 towers, including those under construction and those already connected to its fiber network.

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