ZTE, Telefonica launch Call Me Now service in Venezuela


By Telecom Lead Team: ZTE and Telefonica will jointly
launch Call Me Now (CMN) service in Venezuela targeting its over 100 million
users in some of the Latin American countries where mobile service provider


The CMN service is initiated when call receiver is
unreachable or busy. The system monitors the receiver and notifies the caller
when it detects they are reachable. This eliminates the need to leave a message
and call completion rate and ARPU are increased accordingly.


The proliferation of CMN services into Venezuela
illustrates the company’s capability of developing technologies in markets
across the globe, specifically Latin America,” said ZTE Director General de
Telefonica Mariano Li.


In 2008, ZTE began providing voice mail service (VMS) for
Telefonica and began construction of its Latin American VMS services in 2009.
ZTE currently provides VMS services for 120 million Telefonica subscribers in
14 countries.


Movicel, ZTE to launch commercial LTE network in Angola

Recently, African mobile operator Movicel will launch a
commercial LTE network in Angola in association with ZTE.


The jointly built network will be based on ZTE’s Uni-RAN
and Uni-Core solutions. As part of the project, ZTE will provide LTE equipment
for key Movicel markets across the country. ZTE will also upgrade Movicel’s
current 3G core network to support LTE services. ZTE will provide management
and maintenance for the network.

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