5G investment in China to fuel RAN growth

The global RAN market is projected to achieve CAGR of 2 percent between 2017 and 2022 due to an improved 5G momentum, said a Dell’Oro Group report.
Forecast on RAN growth fuelled by 5G
The report said 5G NR Massive MIMO transceiver shipments are projected to cross 50 million — significantly scaling faster than LTE.

The latest 5G NR millimeter wave projection from Dell’Oro Group reflects a faster 5G momentum in the US market and positive results with the millimeter wave trials.

Main drivers of RAN
# increase in Capex due to 5G particularly in China
# New Capex to address IoT, fixed wireless access, public safety and enterprise
# Shift toward active antennas

“LTE and 5G NR deployments to support new applications including IoT, fixed wireless access, public safety, and enterprise are expected to increase nearly fourfold over the five year forecast period,” Stefan Pongratz, senior director at Dell’Oro Group, said.

There is a compelling business case for 5G NR and deployment will accelerate at a rapid pace. Complete 5G systems to address new use cases will be deployed gradually, at a slower pace than NR. It will take a long time to reach the full end-user potential with 5G.

The Asia Pacific region will drive the decline over the near term before rebounding in the 2020 time frame. RAN investments in the North America region are expected to remain more stable throughout the forecast period.