5G forecast to account for 19.3% of mobile subscriptions in 2024: GSA

5G will account for 19.3 percent of the global mobile subscriptions in 2024, with LTE dominating at 59.4 percent of all global mobile subscriptions.
Deutsche Telekom 5G network5G subscriptions have reached 17.73 million globally by the end of 2019, according to the report from Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) and Omdia.

The number of LTE subscriptions reached 5.27 billion in 2019. Operators added 1.032 billion LTE subscriptions in 2019, representing 24.4 percent year growth.

LTE subscriptions now account for 57.7 percent of all global mobile subscriptions. LTE is expected to account for 64.8 percent global market share in 2022.