Chart showing broadband market share of Indian telecoms

Broadband market share in India
TRAI on Wednesday released a chart showing the broadband market share of Indian telecoms for August 2015.

The number of broadband subscribers increased 3.55 percent to 117.34 million in August 015 from 113.32 million in July 2015.

Wired broadband subscribers rose 1.02 percent to 16 million, while mobile broadband users grew 3.96 percent to 100.88 million and fixed wireless subscribers (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Point-to-Point Radio & VSAT) increased 3.51 percent to 0.45 million.

Top Indian broadband service providers are Bharti Airtel with 27.90 million, Vodafone 23.20 million, BSNL 18.91 million, Idea Cellular 18.12 million and Reliance Communications with 10.21 million users.

Top five wired broadband service providers are BSNL with 9.92 million, Bharti Airtel 1.54 million, MTNL 1.13 million, Atria Convergence Technologies 0.77 million and YOU Broadband 0.48 million users, said TRAI.

The top five wireless broadband service providers, according to TRAI, are Bharti Airtel with 26.36 million, Vodafone 23.19 million, Idea Cellular 18.11 million, Reliance Communications 10.10 million and BSNL 8.99 million.

Baburajan K
[email protected]