China Mobile reveals 4G subscriber base in July

China Mobile 4G in July 2016
Telecom network operator China Mobile said its 4G subscriber base reached 448.768 million in July 2016 from 428.541 million in June 2016.

The largest telecom operator in the world is ramping up its 4G networks in order to achieve more subscribers in China. China Mobile is well ahead of global telecom operators such as AT&T, Verizon, America Movil, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, among others in the 4G market.

China Mobile had a 4G subscriber base of 409.316 million in May 2016, 391.418 million in April 2016, 376.514 million in March 2016, 360.366 million in February 2016 and 335.563 million in January 2016.

The 3G subscriber base of China Mobile reached 127.326 million in July 2016 from 132.865 million in June 2016.

China Mobile’s total mobile subscriber base reached 838.912 million in July from 837.038 million.