Dell and HPE dominate global storage space in Q2 2018

The latest enterprise storage market report from research agency IDC indicates that Dell and HPE are dominating the global storage space in the second quarter of 2018.
Storage suppliers in Q2 2018
Dell is the largest storage supplier with 19.1 percent share.

HPE is the second largest supplier with 17.3 percent share.

NetApp has 6.3 percent share becoming the third largest storage vendor during the second quarter.

IBM is the fourth largest storage supplier with 4.6 percent share of market revenue. Hitachi, Lenovo and Huawei are the other leading storage suppliers with shares of 3.1 percent, 3 percent, and 2.7 percent respectively.

Dell is the largest external enterprise storage systems supplier, accounting for 29.2 percent of revenues. NetApp is in the number 2 position with 13.5 percent share. HPE is the third largest with 10.6 percent share of revenue. IBM and Hitachi have 9.4 percent and 6.6 percent market share, respectively.