GSA foresees increase in low-band spectrum auctions

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) foresees an increase in the number of auctions of low-band spectrum in the coming years, as well as 5G NR deployments using already assigned spectrum licenses.
5G spectrum auction in Dutch
515 operators in 173 countries hold licenses enabling launch of LTE or 5G using low-band spectrum, The GSA report said.

Nearly 400 operators have launched LTE or 5G networks using low-band spectrum.

Over 15,000 LTE devices are capable of supporting low bands. Out of 316 5G devices support low-band spectrum bands for NR, while 219 are already commercially available.

37 countries / territories have announced formal (date-specified) plans for allocating 5G-suitable low-band frequencies between now and 2022 (including technology-neutral licenses or licenses for mobile broadband services).

“Low-band spectrum is important for expanding network coverage especially in suburban / rural deployment scenarios, ensuring service continuity across different geographies, enhancing service quality in indoor environments,” said Joe Barrett, President of the Global mobile Suppliers Association.

Mobile operators are demanding low-band spectrum, and some specific bands like 410–430 MHz, 450 MHz or 900 MHz also play an important role in specific industries for the creation of private networks.