How India performed in global broadband market?

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The performance of India, according to ITU statistics, in global broadband markets was well below several developed and developing telecom markets.

The global rank of India in fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, 2014 category was 131 with 1.2 penetration. The ITU chart shows that countries such as United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Bhutan, Egypt, Jordan, etc. are above India.

India in global broadband chart
# Fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 131 rank with 1.2 penetration
# Mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 capita: 155 rank with 5.5 penetration
# percent of households using Internet in developing nations: 80 rank with 15.3 percent
# percent of individuals using Internet: 136 rank with 18 percent
# Percentage of individuals using the Internet in developing countries: 90 rank with 18 percent

In mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 capita, India has been ranked at 155 with 5.5 penetration, said ITU.

Among developing nations, in terms of percent of households using Internet, India has been ranked at 80 with 15.3 percent, said ITU Broadband report for 2014.

ITU said in terms of the percent of individuals using Internet, India is placed at 136 with 18 percent.

Percentage of individuals using the Internet among developing countries, India has been ranked at 90 with 18 percent.

ITU said the top ten countries for household Internet penetration are located in Asia or the Middle East. The Republic of Korea has the world’s highest household broadband penetration with 98.5 percent of homes connected. Qatar with 98 percent is in second and Saudi Arabia with 94 percent is in third position.

Iceland has the highest percentage of individuals using the Internet with 98.2 percent, ahead of Norway 96.3 percent and Denmark 96 percent.

The top ten countries for Internet use are located in Europe. The lowest levels of Internet access are mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa, with Internet available to less than 2 percent of the population in Guinea (1.7 percent), Somalia (1.6 percent), Burundi (1.4 percent), Timor Leste (1.1 percent) and Eritrea (1.0).

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