India smartphone market: CMR reveals unknown facts

The Indian smartphone market is one of the most exciting markets around the globe.  It has attracted the largest of the global brands to very small unknown brands.

While a lot of statistics is available about the market size, growth, etc. measured and estimated by various analyst firms, Cyber Media Research & Services is trying to offer more data points about the Indian smartphone market.

You can download the full CMR infographics on 2014 smartphone trends

In an exclusive interaction with, Faisal Kawoosa, general manager, Research & Consulting, Cyber Media Research & Services, said: “Looking at the trends, I strongly believe that 2015 is going to throw up some more interesting metastats while we review the year sometime early 2016.”

India smartphone facts 1

Smartphones in 2014

In 2014, 141 brands made their smartphones available for sale in the Indian market.  This shows the attractiveness that the Indian market offers to all sizes of players with different capabilities.

The leader in the segment enjoyed a market share of 29.3 percent while the last player down the line earned just 0.00007 percent of the market. So, while some players are attempting to hit across the segment, some prefer to go very niche.

There are 20 significant brands that constitute 96 percent of the smartphone market.  Remaining 121 brands contribute mere 4 percent total 77 million unit market.

Pertinently only 2 brands were able to earn a market share in double digits.  This clearly shows the changing preferences of the Indian smartphone buyers with no brand enjoying a strong preference and loyalty.  Buyers prefer to experiment new brands and products.

India smartphone facts 2

A whopping 125 brands or 89 percent of the total smartphone brands have market share of less than 1 percent by volume.  This is primarily due to several brands entering in the market in year 2014 and some confining to online sales only limiting the reach and hence sales potential.

There were 23 brands that shipped their smartphones consistently every month during the year.  Rest all either shipped once in a quarter or as and when the demand grew.

India smartphone facts 3

A particular brand had 103 models of smartphones to offer for potential buyers with the immediate next follower with 82 models.  Interestingly 52 brands had just one model to offer to the potential buyers.

“Apart from the number of brands operating and the change in market shares, the areas where I see some changes bound to happen include the number of brands having less than 1 percent of the market share and the brands offering a single option to choose from,” Kawoosa said.

Baburajan K