India telecom operator revenue dips 7% in Sept quarter of 2017

India telecom gross revenue Q3 2017Gross revenue (GR) of Indian telecom service providers has dropped 7.03 percent year on year to Rs 66,362 crore in the September quarter of 2017, according to a TRAI report.

However, Indian telecom operators’ gross revenue increased 2.27 percent as compared to the previous quarter – showing signs of revival.

Established telecom operators have started reporting decline in their quarterly revenue following the arrival of 4G operator Reliance Jio Infocomm. The Mukesh Ambani-promoted Reliance Jio has invested nearly $25 billion in networks and earlier offered free voice and data services.

Monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) based on AGR increased from Rs 83.41 in June quarter to Rs 88.09 in September quarter of 2017.

ARPU for GSM service including LTE increased 5.42 percent to Rs 84 in September from Rs 80 in June.
India telecom service providers in Q2 2017However, ARPU for GSM service including LTE declined 30.65 percent year on year. Prepaid ARPU for GSM service per month increased from Rs 65 in June to Rs 71 in September. Postpaid ARPU declined from Rs 389 in June to Rs 361 in September.

ARPU for CDMA service increased 0.61 percent from Rs 124 in June to Rs 125 in September. ARPU for CDMA mobility service declined 18.70 percent year on year.

Wireless subscriber base on GSM and CDMA platforms declined 3.8 million or –0.32 percent year on year and fell 17 percent quarter on quarter to 1,183.04 million in September from 1,186.84 million in June. Wireless tele-density declined from 92.12 in June to 91.56 in September.

Wireline subscriber declined 1.37 percent quarter on quarter and fell 3.36 percent year on year from 24 million in June to 23.67 million in September.

TRAI said total number of Internet subscribers declined 0.46 percent quarter on quarter from 431.21 million in June to 429.23 million in September. India had 21.35 million wired Internet subscribers and 407.88 million wireless Internet subscribers.

The broadband Internet subscriber base grew 8 percent to 324.89 million in September from 300.84 million in June.