India’s telecom operator revenue dips 9% to $38 bn in 2017: TRAI

Indian telecom operators posted gross revenue (GR) of Rs 2,55,655 crore or $38.21 billion (–8.56 percent) and Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) of Rs 1,60,814 crore or $24.03 billion (–18.87 percent) in 2017, said TRAI.

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India's data ARPU per month by TRAI
The TRAI report released on May 4 said India had 445.96 million Internet subscribers including 362.87 million broadband subscribers, 1,167.44 million wireless subscribers and 23.23 million wireline subscribers in 2017.
Data use in India TRAI chart
Total wireless data usage increased from 4,642 million GB in 2016 to 20,092 million GB in 2017. 4G data usage increased 2,775 million GB in 2016 to 16,424 million GB during the year 2017.

Average wireless data usage per active data user increased from 1.18 GB per month in 2016 to 4.13 GB per month in 2017.

Average revenue for wireless data usage (Data ARPU) per data user per month declined from Rs 89.18 in 2016 to Rs 79.98 in 2017.

The contribution of 4G data in total wireless data usage is 81.75 percent in 2017 against 15.86 percent for 3G data usage.

4G technology became the market leader in data usage with 81.75 percent of total wireless data usage in 2017. CDMA technology held only 0.28 percent of total data usage the same period.

Total revenue from wireless data usage increased from Rs 350,789 million in 2016 to Rs 388,817 million in 2017.