LTE broadcast deployments to reach 2 billion customers by 2020: GSA

LTE Broadcast operator list
LTE broadcast deployments will be reaching a potential customer base of 2 billion by 2020, according to a new report from GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association).

More than 30 telecom network operators are doing technical lab or field trials of LTE Broadcast services based on eMBMS in order to reduce the load on their networks by broadcasting TV and video content rather than sending it to each viewer individually.

There are deployments in the US and Korea.

Some of the use cases of LTE broadcast include stadium entertainment services; emergency broadcast systems; distribution of public and transport information; software and firmware upgrades for computers and Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices; and mobile delivery of broadcast TV.

One of the challenges is the availability of supporting devices for offering LTE broadcast services. The number of LTE broadcast devices including phones, tablets, laptops, modules, routers hotspots and home gateways is shrinking.

The telecom analysis report said nearly 100 devices are used in eMBMS trials, or contain the chips sets that would enable them for using for LTE Broadcast services. Of those, over 60 have been identified as being compatible with eMBMS middleware, and should be capable of software upgrades.

Note: The GSA chart is prepared in August 2014

Baburajan K
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